What is Computational Fluid Dynamics? – Best CFD Introduction

How many of you Do know what is Computational Fluid Dynamics? 

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This tutorial is about computational fluid dynamics. This covers all the basics to get you started from scratch.

Due to its introductory nature, only the basic principals of CFD are introduced here

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What is computational Fluid Dynamics?

As you can see in the figure below,  Computational fluid dynamics has become a new branch integrating the disciplines of fluid mechanics & heat transfer not only with mathematics but also with computer Science.

In simple words, it uses numerical analysis and data structures to analyze and solve problems that involve fluid flows. Computational fluid dynamics is based on the Navier-Stokes equations.

CFD is used in many fields in which fluid flow problems are solved and analyzed using computational methods and numerical algorithms.

Construction of new or better system designs and optimizations can be carried out through computational simulation, which results in low production cost and high efficiency.

A computer model is created, and computer programmers code the equations representing the physical laws that govern the flow of the molecules of fluid. Then the flow results (such as velocity and pressure) are output into files that can be visualized through pictures or animation so that you see the result just as you do with physical experiments.


Why is Computational Fluid Dynamics important?

The computational fluid dynamics are important because wherever a fluid or gas is there CFD is used.

It expands in accordance with mathematical models, numerical methods, computational equipment, and post-processing facilities. As a physical phenomenon can be shaped with entirely different mathematical approaches, it would also be integrated with unlike numerical methods simultaneously.

CFD is advanced that it is mainly used to identify and quantify the effects of internal flows which is difficult in other methods to model it.

The theoretical development of the computational sciences focuses on the construction and solution of the governing equations and the study of various approximations of these equations.


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