It is 2020! If now is not the time to travel, when will it ever be? It is a new decade, and new experiences await. Traveling has never been as simple as it is today.

Networking can be done instantly through various social media sites and within minutes a person can order food and have it delivered right at their doorstep, book a hotel room from halfway across the world at the click of a button.


The Bare Necessities

No matter whether traveling on a business trip, vacation, excursion or just a shortstop, there are essentials that are generally needed to make for a smooth trip.



Yeah. Socks! The best boring thing to own! If you’ve ever had a hole in a lone sock while on the go then you know that socks actually crack the top 5 essential & have secretly also been a solid Christmas gift to receive also.

You can never go wrong with socks. White socks, black socks, neon socks, custom weekend socks, mismatch ones, socks are something a person can never have too much of.

A Pack Of Fresh Under Shirts

A pack of undershirts is not only easily disposable, but they also fit seamlessly by the side of a travel bag. There will be days where you feel like letting down a button or three, however for the days where meetings, class presentations and lunch dates demand safety from perspiration, reach the side of your bag for a clean tee!


A Set of Portable Chargers

From urgent emails, straight-to-voicemail calls, un replied text messages, electronic devices( phone, tablet, laptop, e.t.c.) have become an extension of our social life and within the blink of an eye, our phone battery runs outs mid reply and are left to feel like a deer caught in headlights.


Can you imagine having to make quick stops to Starbucks, McDonald’s, or the local library every 3 hours just to charge all your electronic devices?


A Durable Pair of Running Shoes

Traveling unexpectedly to big cities such as New York, London, and Sydney require brisk walking to bus/train stops.

Having an affordable and comfortable pair of “trainers” can do wonders for your walking life and if you’re lucky might feel like a cloud on feet.

Affordability is a major factor to consider, however, my advice would be to try on different affordable brands with things like wiggle room, sole support, heel grip, and overall comfortable feel in mind


A Pocket Size Dictionary

For every word you think you know, you’ll meet another person who uses the word completely different context, as well it sounding the same but translates differently in their language.

An honest sign of friendliness and welcoming standpoint while meeting new travel companions to use a dictionary as an aide when asking for directions and shortcuts or saying “hello!’”.


A Blanket & An Umbrella

A great man once said “you can paint a pretty picture, but you can’t predict the weather” and that man has toured over 30+ cities in the world, so I would take his word for it. Having an umbrella when rain randomly starts pouring down the streets, as well as a blanket to ensure you’re completely covered does the trick!


An Event Planner / Schedule Keeper

Keeping track of the time you spend at parties, festivals, sporting events and family birthdays even if as little as bi-weekly can help reduce one too many late nights out.

By steadily planning your future activities, you will be surprised at how you suddenly have two free days to simply lay in bed, read a book and eat a little ice cream even.


A Great Book

Sleep is imminent, you might find yourself about to doze off on a train while traveling to a new city or toughing it out on a 2-hour wait on a delayed flight, which is why a personal favorite book is one of the best companions to have with you. Books before a nap prepare the body and mind for a wholesome peaceful sleep

Where Is Your Best Friend?

Last, but absolutely first — Dogs!

Walking your dog not only draws strangers to you like a magnet, but it makes sure you’re also physically fit. Dogs are also great road shotgun partners! Just let the window down and it’s just man, his best friend, and the good of fresh air.

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