SEO STRATEGY 2020 – #1 best way improve your website ranking

SEO meaning Search Engine Optimisation is a process of attracting traffic to a website in order to increase the appearance of a website on a particular search engine.

what do I mean by SEO strategy 2020? let me explain in the coming discussion.

This year many of the business houses have seen a lot of frequent variations in google’s algorithm making it difficult to optimize a website on it.

However, these barriers appear to continue in 2020, as Google has shown its concern for the accuracy of the content.

In terms of SEO, local searches value a lot as 46% of the searches are based on location-based answers.

And these searches usually cover a substantial part of sales, no matter it is online or offline.

As there are many local enterprises, it would be cut-throat competition in the race of local SEO.

 In such a situation, it’s quite obvious for people to wonder about the strategies to apply for effective optimization of their website.

People are usually found asking for the trends that are required to be followed in 2020.

Also, people ask about the strategies that can break the dominance of SERP’s and raise higher earning prospects for their firm.

It’s quite understandable that in this technologically advanced era, people are moreover dependent on online traffic to increase their sales.

And hence SEO is one of the most affordable and quick ways to increase sales and traffic.

SEO Strategy 2020

The SEO process comes under the digital marketing process and is not necessarily done by the firm itself.

Usually, firms hire SEO agencies for maintaining their rankings on Google.

Though if you are looking to complete this task by yourself,I have formulated here an SEO STRATEGY 2020, that works. Here are the SEO STRATEGY 2020 you must follow to increase your sales in 2020:

1. Voice Search:

The market of voice searches in the US accounts for $ 1.8 billion, that too in 2017. It is expected to grow by $40 billion in 2020.

The rate of shopping on voice commands has tremendously increased. This has impacted the strategies of digital marketing as well.

These voice search results have to be very accurate as they do not provide options to select, instead, they just present the answer to a specific query.

For this purpose, the search engine looks for something accurate and qualitative.

Make sure to add the followings to your checklist

• Your site is optimized for mobile.
• Build AMP pages for streamlined mobile viewing.
• Utilize website caching to enhance page load speed.
• Compress files and pictures for faster loading.

To drive traffic to your website you must try to optimize for voice search in 2020.

2. Desirable Content:

For any sort of business working online, content is foremost important. It could be written, audio or video content. In recent times video content, along with with blog posts, and AI content are leading the market.

The content gets published based on product reviews, employee operations, and marketing strategies.

These contents help in acquiring product feedback, information on environment and vacancies in a particular company, and information on candidates out there looking for jobs.

Other content also provides a hell lot of information covering every aspect of the world.

However, if you are looking to raise your business rankings in the search engine, then you must adhere to a balance of video and written content as it has most searches in all.

While framing content, you need to have crisp information on the topic that is easy to consume via the users.

Having a young base of users, your content should not be sloppy or boring, it should be entertaining, catchy and engrossing, though do not keep it so short and crisp that other bunch of users does not find it useful.

Sitemaps will be able to help you find strong keywords for your content descriptions and meta tags. Youtube and Vimeo searches are likely to enjoy such keyword strategies.

Your titles must have keywords and look attractive, just like ” Get on Job with CAR”, though your content might not have jobs related to cars or something.

But the title will bring the video or blog on the list of top searches.

Finding such keywords could be a task, so google provides an amazing tool called “Adwords” for finding such keywords.

Also, is a great option for finding such keywords.


3. Social Media:

Regarding marketing strategies, Social Media is the largest and easiest platform for improving SEO.

Though there is no surety about social media tags and searches impacting google rankings.

According to Matt Cutts, the relation between social media and Google rankings is a correlation rather than causation.

Browsing through google for an answer might land you in possible solutions, factors, “what if” theories and unclear answers to the problem.

Though the relation between social media and Google rankings is not specified, that does not mean it does not affect and can be ignored.

Social media can certainly enhance your game if concerned with Cutts’s explanation. Though it should be used wisely.

Social Media is useful if the posted content is likely addressed by the people out there.

Moreover, social media posts should focus on quality rather than quantity.

Uniqueness is a must to engage users.

Once your user finds out creativity, he will share your post to a broader spectrum of people.

Keep a check on tools to identify user preferences rather than just assuming some.

Keep a check on trending topics.

Online Conversations are a great way to read mindset and frame posts accordingly.

Social Media already has a bunch of conversational topics that you can join and gather information valuable for marketing and business.

Majorly your task would be finding the appropriate audience for these topics that have an impact on your business.

social media is important for SEO in more ways than one.

You can also mention your website and business via links to create an honest viewpoint.


 4. Enhance User Experience:

That’s the basic and foremost important point while deciding the SEO strategies, you need to include such attributes to your content that makes sense to your users.

As your pages going to be users interested they will be favorable by search engines as well.

Google is moreover interested in raising the user experience, and though they keep a specific point of user experience while determining rankings.

User experience consists of the overall performance of the page along with the speed with which it delivers the content.

Mostly the expected trends of 2020 say that websites are required to be made with mature technical applications, along with 5G network and speed could be attained with fiber optic cables.

Companies’ performance is calculated on Facebook shares, meaning the time people have visited the site.

With the help of analytics, you can bring google’s attention at all of this.

You get positive feedbacks on user metrics if you have speed, ease of navigation, crisp and clear content.

You must adhere to these guidelines to bring your website to a high rank.

Most of the time, inappropriate websites get higher rankings irrespective of their utility.

They can do that with excellence in user metrics. If your page is getting likes and appreciation, google won’t be making it down on rankings.

5. Rich content for the snippet:

Google content trends are likely the most important for improving SEO.

The content should be rich, but not to the extent that it becomes difficult in understanding.

Google is now emphasizing on content quality than just a keyword-stuffed roll.

The latest SERP feature states, that the content is firstly required to be summarized in the first 100 words so that Google can bring it up.

Mostly try to answer questions in a crisp manner that will drive many clicks to your site.

According to the criteria followed by Google, they select snippets that have great quality and raise their rankings.

This trend has a greater impact as 54.68% of clicks arrive on google due to featured snippets.

They have the command of driving more than 50% of the clicks of a search engine. They create large traffic on site, irrespective of the rankings.

If your content is absolute you can claim a great bunch of users for it.


6. Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence has already captured a mass of internet users and applications. Sooner algorithms will be operated themselves.

Google is working on a self-learning algorithm named “Rankbrain” so that they can handle new queries that are made for the first time.

Such types of queries are found 15% of all.

The coming decade will be filled with AI, from tit to tat everywhere it will be applied.

As of now, the AI is popular with service calls.

Quick user information and data analysis will always be an important tool for handling daily business operations.

The co-founder of Google, Sergey Brin states that he is been pleased with the development of new spring under artificial intelligence in his entire computing life.

He stated this in the ABC founder letter by the end of 2018.

Therefore its a clear signal that soon AI is going to take over the internet sector, hence you must be prepared with it.

Experts have been researching the capabilities of AI and have determined ways google can apply it in daily usage.

AI will make it better to gain an understanding of texts, testimonials, and their applicability in the website services.


Smartphone Orientation:

IT trends can never get completed without involving a smartphone.

No trends can be ever implemented, without considering the adaptability and services provided via smartphones.

And that is why it greatly affects SEO as well.

Several methods can be used to assess the adaptability of sites on smartphones.

The most efficient method is using search engines for the purpose.

Search engines direct the results to adaptable sites that persist the most higher frequency of traffic on web pages visited through mobile phones.

Moreover, it is important to remember that along with adaptability, search engines do consider the individual factor too.

The search engine specifically examines every factor including the location of main buttons, simplicity in reading and visualizing text and media content, loading speed of a page on mobile and navigation bar’s view.

And that is why optimization requires appropriate working on adaptability as well.

A feature of adaptability is better than developing another version for it.


Brand Reputation:

In the preceding decade, you must have seen revolutionary progress in the search technologies.

These search technologies play an important role in promotional practices as convincing required for a search engine is similar to that for a human.

So it’s true that SEO will be having an element of brand reputation.

And this is also because the sites with favorable reviews and good advertising get easily forwarded by the search engine.

Though AI is aware of your trick of purchasing reviews, and hence is well versed with the genuineness of the review.

Now search engines have found out another way to analyze the brand reputation, which comprises official relations with different firms, the recent news posts derived from sourced portals, views of known personalities about the website offerings, the trust factor, and their customer care efficiency and statistics.

The network persists this entire data and helps crawlers for further evaluation.

If the website is not in news, it shows that they are required to pay more attention to their brand reputation.

The role of advertisements has been grown substantially, these tv ads might fool the customers, but not to AI.

So websites are required to create a genuine and pervasive reputation for its brand.


Blockchain & SEO:

Both of them are quite apart, though persist some common features.

So, basically blockchain is a technology that deals in crypto transactions which are the blockchain-based digital coins.

In simpler terms, the trading of crypto is done via the blockchain technology. You might think where is the connection?

So firstly, blockchain is an independent technology and does not require any regulatory permissions from any bank or financial institution.

In the blockchain, the digital currency gets transferred via a secured network built through blocks which are the information bits.

Though, it takes the consent of both the parties through a validation process before completing the transactions.

Successful completion of the validation process leads to the successful transfer of cryptocurrency.

Now the connection between both could differentiate the scenario.

You can assume the google docs to be the transactions of cryptocurrencies.

As doc allows you to save any information on the sheet, similarly blockchain allows recording any information you wish too.

Before publicizing the information, the blockchain technology makes it sure that the information is genuine and won’t bring any hassle to the users.

Now in terms of SEO, blockchain would be able to combat the effects of intermediaries.

These intermediaries are non-other than search engines that transfer the data from a wide range of sites to the user.

This helps the real users to have original content along with an extreme level of transparency.

This SEO idea has the probability to remove false sites as well as users and will allow true information among trusted users.

SEO techs will use it in 2020 to avoid internet scams and online frauds.


SEO Backlinking:

For our Seo strategy 2020, Seo backlinking is one of the crucial parts.

Google rankings have been significantly improved with backlinks, which is, of course, a type of signals combination.

A good content placed appropriately can grow your rankings high, if the searches are relevant.

You will get enough links, once your rankings grow higher.

However, people might not appreciate links or they don’t pay attention to it, though receiving good links is a symbol of a robust website.

You can get ahead with the advantage of links, unlike others.

But a point to remember is that you must not compromise with its quality.

Try to get original links rather than buying them out. You can acquire links from citations, guest posts, social media, and youtube.

Looking for links makes sense when you are applying time and energy to put amazing content on your site.

These days more and more information through a particular content via links is the best way to attain growth.

If you can generate good content, you must post it on your guest websites and relate it to your links.

But before, you must look into the relevancy of the website with google rankings.

You cannot put any link to your content, it must add some great information that relates to the content of your site and also enhances the experience of the user.



So the top 10 strategies for improving SEO in 2020 came to an end.

These 10 strategies along with the 15 strategies that work in 2019 will give a better result in your SEO progress.

The aspects discussed in this article are quite expected ones, though equally important ones.

You need to understand the SEO is all about great content and the way of its presentation.

Mostly bringing out a unique analysis of something users are familiar with is a nice step for attracting traffic.

As you know the strategies, keep implementing them in your SEO plan for better results.

if you think any of the strategies that I have missed please comment it below.

And let me know What’s your Seo Strategy 2020?

If by some unfortunate circumstance you get stuck or have any questions for me about how to create a blog, just get in touch with me or leave a comment below. I’ll help you out with any problems.

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