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Law of attraction affirmation 


first of all, If you are here now reading this post there may be two possibilities.

either you know about the endless possibilities of the law of attraction or you want to know about the magic spell “law of attraction” and it’s affirmations.

Law of attraction was known as the school of new thoughts. There is evidence that it has been around for many years.

Loa attracts that positive thoughts attract positive and negative thoughts attract negative experience.

To attract something you want you to have to think of it positive and concentrate on positive outcomes.

To know more about the law of attraction please read our previous post on “The law of attraction definition”.

With the help of the universe, you can attain boundless miracles. Achieve any goal, anytime, anywhere if you know the secret.

Law of attraction work

If you believe or not, the law of attraction works every second around you and within you.

you are creating every moment of your life unknowingly.

For instance, let me ask you: have you ever worried about something that should not happen to you but happened as you were afraid of.

That’s the work of the law of attraction.

As you keep focusing on worrying about happening to you( even though you don’t want it to) the law of Attraction made it possible for you.

Many asked me can you change the working of The law of attraction?.

If I already attracted something can I able to change it?.

The answer is definite yes.

Through different attraction techniques like the law of attraction affirmation, vision attraction and more.

you can attract anything by matching your frequency to the frequency of the universe.

Attracting through Affirmations.

Affirmation is an integral part of the law of attraction.

Affirmation is finding the right words to reprogramme your mind to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

With these laws of attraction affirmations, one can take control of his life and overcome any fear and attain his goal.

The words we repeat and the thoughts we think both have the power to transform our desires into reality.

You can create your entire beautiful day just by repeating the positive self-affirming words.

But consistently every day and can also multiple times a day for every day just like having food.

Most importantly, Here is some positive affirmation for your daily routine.

The law of attraction happiness affirmation.

If you want to attract happiness just recite these affirmations consistently every day.

  1. I am Enough.
  2. My heart is always open and I receive love.
  3. I have everything that I need to be happy right now.
  4. I am so worthy to live a happy life.
  5. Universe focus to bring me happy moments.
  6. happiness comes to me effortlessly and easily.
  7. I am magnetic to happiness.
  8. Happiness flows in my life every moment.
  9. I choose to be happy consistently.
  10. My future is full of light and laughter.
  11. I am at peace with my past.
  12. Every day in every way I am getting happier and happier.
  13. I am deeply content with all that I have.
  14. I simply decide to be happy.
  15. I am the architect of my own good fortune.
  16. I am in charge of how I feel.
  17. I am happy with who I am.
  18. I am an optimist.
  19. My happiness is contagious.
  20. I am the master of my own destiny.

The law of attraction Abundance affirmation.

If you want to attract abundance, just recite these affirmations consistently every day.

  1. Riches of every kind flow into my world.
  2. I attract huge abundance.
  3. Abundance flows through me effortlessly.
  4. My Actions create prosperity
  5. The Universe always provides
  6. Wonderful things are happening everywhere I turn
  7. There is no limit to the love I can receive
  8. I am open and willing to allow good to come to me
  9. All of my dreams are coming true
  10. Prosperity overflows in my life
  11. My income is continually increasing
  12. My world is brimming over with love and joy
  13. I always have what I need when I need it
  14. I attract success and good fortune
  15. I attract positive people and events into my life
  16. I am enough and I have enough
  17. My heart is open to receive
  18. I ask I believe, I receive
  19. I am the energy I want to attract
  20. My life is rich in opportunities

The law of attraction Love and relationships affirmation

If you want to attract love, just recite these affirmations consistently every day.

  1. I am worthy of love
  2. I am attracting unconditional love
  3. I move on
  4. I deserve to love and be loved
  5. I am accepted just the way I am
  6. I attract positive and supportive relationships into my life
  7. I am feeling the love today
  8. I treat myself with gentle loving kindness
  9. Everywhere I look I see love
  10. My heart is open
  11. I am everything to somebody
  12. I choose love
  13. I forgive
  14. I am constantly attracting wonderful people into my life
  15. My relationships bring out the best in me
  16. I radiate loving vibes
  17. I release all negative emotions associated with past relationships
  18. I draw love and romance into my life with ease
  19. I choose to live in a loving world
  20. I take the time to show my friends that I care about them


The law of attraction Self-Confidence affirmation

If you want to attract self-confidence, just recite these affirmations consistently every day

  1. I am strong
  2. I am full of energy and enthusiasm
  3. I deserve the best
  4. I do not put myself or others down
  5. I am powerful and capable
  6. I believe
  7. I can overcome the fear in any situation
  8. I can do this
  9. I am open to new experiences that will enrich my life
  10. I am forming new positive habits every day
  11. I can achieve greatness in all that I do
  12. I celebrate my uniqueness
  13. I am focused, persistent and never give up
  14. I am becoming the best version of myself
  15. I act with courage and confidence
  16. I can achieve anything I put my mind to
  17. I trust completely my own intuition
  18. I love and accept myself exactly as I am right now
  19. I have all of the answers within me
  20. I am ready to take on the world

The law of attraction affirmations for Peace of Mind

If you want to attract Peace of Mind, just recite these affirmations consistently every day

  1. I will not stress over things I can’t control
  2. I am centered, peaceful and grounded
  3. I live in the moment
  4. All is well
  5. I let go of past mistakes
  6. Each day is fresh and new
  7. I am grateful for this moment
  8. My mind is still and smooth
  9. I exhale and release my tension and stress – I am now at peace with myself
  10. As I exhale I release old energy that has prevented my progress
  11. I live fully and find the joy in each moment
  12. I am thankful that I get to live another day on this beautiful earth
  13. I am gentle with my words
  14. I breathe deeply to calm the chatter of my mind
  15. I create the life I want to live
  16. I react peacefully to any situation
  17. I don’t worry about the things I can’t control
  18. I give myself permission to just be
  19. My mind is at ease
  20. I am at one with the universe

The law of attraction Work & Career affirmations

If you want to attract Work and Career, just recite these affirmations consistently every day

  1. I believe in my skills and abilities
  2. I am committed to my own success
  3. I am brilliant at what I do
  4. I appreciate all that I have learned through my work
  5. I am in demand
  6. My creative talents and abilities enable me to succeed in all my endeavors
  7. I push myself to be the best that I can be
  8. I have faith in my ability to succeed
  9. I am inspired to work towards my goals
  10. I am motivated to always do the best job I can
  11. My dreams are within reach
  12. I am realizing my ambitions through hard work and dedication
  13. I welcome new ideas
  14. I am successful in whatever I choose to do
  15. I have the mindset to ensure that my work is always fulfilling
  16. I have the skills and talent to succeed
  17. I take my goals seriously 
  18. The Universe is filled with endless opportunities for me
  19. My work is valued
  20. I am motivated to succeed

The law of attraction Health & Wellbeing affirmations

If you want to attract health and wellbeing, just recite these affirmations consistently every day

  1. I wake each day rested and full of energy
  2. My life is a perfect balance between work, rest and play
  3. I cherish my body
  4. I have the power to control my health
  5. Today I abandon negative habits
  6. My body and mind are in perfect harmony
  7. I breathe deeply and easily
  8. I am healthy in mind, body, and spirit 
  9. I feel alive
  10. I give myself permission to heal
  11. I take time out to do the things I love
  12. My body is getting stronger and stronger each day
  13. Healthy eating is a way of life for me
  14. I share my gifts with others
  15. I choose to be kind to myself
  16. Each day I find time for me
  17. I release all tensions from my body
  18. Wellness is my natural state of being
  19. All that I need is within me
  20. I treat my body with love and respect

There are many proofs that affirmations are more powerful to create positive energy.

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do you have more affirmations that you use thinks more powerful? please let us know in the comment box below.

I am so grateful for your time and love you share on us by reading our posts. Thank you for sharing.

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