How to earn money from blogging? zero to hero

Have you too thought about how to earn money from blogging by simply sharing your experiences and stories, putting them out for the world?

It seems to be easy money, right?

If you’re blogging out of passion and interest, then sure, blogging may be easy for you.

But when it comes to making money out of it, things start to get tricky.

However, it isn’t impossible.

Now blogging has evolved to become a profitable online profession, mainly because it is the most easily accessible form of working.

Hence more people can invest their energy and time into it, taking it to new heights with their content.

Blogging started out as a pastime for many people that you see now heavily monetizing it.

It is still a hobby for a lot of people today but time has changed things to function in a way that makes monetizing your content easier.

We’re going to deal with some of the most pressing questions a beginner blogger has regarding how he can make money off his content.


Starting with the basics of Blog:

What actually is a blog?

what can you blog about? and how do you actually start a blog?

A blog essentially refers to an informal online journal; like any personal, physical journal, a blog documents your experiences, stories, personal opinions, writings, views, interpretation of various subjects, illustrations, drawings, etc.

There really is no limit to what you can post in a blog.

The content can be anything varying from lifestyle, travel to fashion and motivation.

But the key is to keep your audience entertained and interested so they keep coming back for more.

Creating a community around your interests and adding value to your content can help you branch out more and have loyal readers.


Start blogging

Start blogging on a free platform, it will help you get your content to the web. One of the most highly recommended online platforms is WORDPRESS.

Because it is easy to use, easy to set up, secure, gives you the flexibility to customize your blog in many ways by providing you essential tools and is easy to monetize.

The next step to setting up a blog is securing a domain name which will be your address to the blog;

keep in mind to make it unique and easy to remember for your audience, it might also cost you a little money but considering the untapped potential that lies in blogging, the cost is pretty insignificant.
BlueHost is a good place to start setting up your domain; it has super affordable rates and highly recommended by WordPress as a hosting provider.

Install WordPress using your domain and start working on designing your blog page.

Customize it however you want to keep in mind what audience you’re trying to target. After that, you’re done with setting up your blog!

how to earn money from blogging

The chart above is the income graph of ShoutMeLoud. In 2009, I started earning a mere $434/month and now this blog is earning more than $30,000/month.



Before we can jump onto the technicalities of monetizing a blog, it is essential to understand the way you can draw readers with your content being the magnet.

Because of the immense competition online you really need to stand out with your content.

Know what content will be most striking for your audience and write exclusively about those topics.

Adopt a writing style that is easy to read through and doesn’t frustrate your reader when they’re going through a long piece of content.

Study your opponents and do your research about the subject you’re choosing to talk about and most importantly, express and identify your opinions and passions about the subject.

People these days really do wait for a chance to bombard their criticisms on any minor grammar flaw they find.

so make sure you avoid those, unless you wish to be viral across social media.


Drive website traffic first

Getting traffic is another important component of blogging.

In the sea of information and words, you need to promote your work to draw the attention of people using the internet.

Without any promotion, your content will be lost in that sea.

Your personal social media handles are probably the best way for a new blogger to promote their work; tweet about it and put a story about it, send your blog link to your friends and family, share the link on your Facebook, just let the people know.

You can tag other bloggers or influencers because they might like your content and end up promoting it on their social media handles which will obviously help you reach more people hence a bigger audience.

Post regularly to keep your audience interested.

Once you’ve got your blog up and running and have your content straight with a clear vision, you can finally start making a profit.

Now, Let’s make some money.


Affiliate marketing

One of the many ways is by using affiliate marketing in your blogs.

It means you add a tracked affiliate link into your article and whenever a reader clicks on the link to open it and buy a product or a service, you get a tiny commission out of it.

The companies or sites you recommend in this manner send you their gratification basically through revenue because they benefit from the traffic you send to their site.

You can sign up to an affiliate window where you can promote thousands of well-known and recognized global brands; these brands tend to pay more to established bloggers.

Affiliate marketing is one of the main sources of revenue and probably one of the most profitable as you earn money through commissions.

But you do need to be a credible source of review, establish a base so that your audience knows they’re going to get an honest review about a product.

This will, in the future, encourage your readers to follow your blog for more reviews which will translate to cash for you.

The best part about this marketing technique is that it can be used on any blogging platform.


Sell Digital Products

Selling digital products like online courses, training, workshops, images, documentaries, music or themes can be your domain for a blog.

For example, let’s take e-books which are now the rise as we transition into a highly digitalized world.

Selling your e-books online is a great way to earn extra cash.

All you need to do is go through some books related to a specific subject, extract the information you find essential and compile all of it in a single e-book.

Once you’re done with the book, all you’re left with is promoting it and putting it on sale on your blog.

This can help you earn a decent amount of money.

You can also compile several articles to form a book.

So the possibilities are pretty much endless with the number of books you wish to publish and the matter of the content you want the book to contain.

you can go to Indigitalworks and buy gold membership. After you bought the membership you can officially download and sell the digital products on your website on your own price.

Just make sure you use credible sources which will, in turn, earn you the credibility of an author.

Combining affiliate marketing with e-books is an extremely smart option because the revenue can be double streamed;

one from the commission of linking the book and the other from the purchase of the book.

Along with books, you can also sell newsletters, videos, and even podcasts.

These products broaden the horizon of your blog and eventually your reader base as it will attract a greater range of audiences and not just people of specific groups.


Create membership

Selling your blog’s membership to your readers which give them access to the exclusives of your blog can also be used for the extra money.

For example, you may charge $10 a month to give access to articles about reader interest-targeted and customized articles.

This may give the readers a chance to personalize what they wish to see or read.

What’s important to consider is that you offer something of the price that is exclusive to the reader so that they want to pay for a membership to your blog.


Place Advertisements

The biggest chunk of revenue comes from AdSense.

Basically you can have ads on your website called Cost per Click (CPS) advertising that you can display on your website and whenever a reader clicks on that add you get paid per click.

This can be a very effective and steady way of making money if you have a very high traffic level.

Displaying Google advertisements can also be used for this purpose and are more highly paid along with being extremely easy to set up.

Just like CPC ads, Cost per Mile (CPM) ads also act as a steady stream of revenue.

But the difference is that the ad revenue of CPM ads pays a lot less for a thousand impressions or you can say clicks, so CPM is only effective if you have heavy traffic on your site.

CPM and CPC are both easy to set up and require little to no technical knowledge of coding, all you really need is an advertising account and add the code to your site.

how to make money from blogging

Direct Advertisement

If you establish a big enough reader base then you can also directly advertise certain products without needing a third party.

Direct advertising of includes two routes: sponsored posts and banner advertising.

In sponsored posts, you are required to post a certain story or an article on your blog to that mention and promote the product of a certain brand.

Each post or article you publish will bring in a decent amount of cash but entirely dependent on the number of readers you have.

But the key detail is that you have to clearly tell and declare that your post is a sponsored post and paid advertisement for the product.

On the other hand in banner advertising, you eliminate the third party and directly post banners of a product you wish to advertise on your blog.

The banner ads generally follow the CPM model for revenue.

Other than physical products you can also advertise certain services on your blog.

Many startups or even established businesses require certain skills that they can put to their use.

This can be taken advantage of and one can sell their services online. But you’re selling your time and required to work on an hourly wage.

The services you can provide may include:

  • Consulting and training

Any expertise you have, whether it’s mastering Excel, making calendars or organizational skills, you can give training or deliver your consultancy services which can earn you a decent profit.

There are phone calls services called Pay per Minute services where you can provide consultancy over the phone to a customer and he pays per minute for that service.

  • Writing

Recently there has been a booming demand for content writers and bloggers.

They are usually hired by businesses to market their products and services.

Proofreading and editorial services also fall under the category. You can also write guest posts for other blogs or online magazines for which you can be paid a handsome amount of money.

  • Design

You can demonstrate your illustrations, drawings, digital art, and logos, etc. to pick up clients on your blog.

Design is now one of the most demanded services by businesses as the focus in this day is on visuals more than words.


Run an Event

A trend of bloggers running events has taken rise.

The events range from small gatherings like book sign-ups to big pro-blogger conferences which may host a hundred bloggers.

These events are advertised on the blogs and they are open for the audiences.

Larger your audience and greater your traffic, more the tickets you can sell and then essentially make profits.

Online events are gaining more popularity now as well. Sponsors are found and readers are charged as well to sustain such events.


Campain ads and collaboration

You can also run campaign ads for brands and companies to reach their target audience.

These campaigns run webinars, paid ads and also make videos specifically for the brand’s products to sustain collaboration.

Blogs running these campaigns are paid well because these are specifically run for some brands.

An increasing number of blogs are now collaborating with brands in this manner.

By this stage, the aspect of a distinct income stream needs attention and explanation.

Direct and indirect are the two streams of income involved.

you can either make money directly from your blog or indirectly because of your blog.

Putting AdSense ads on your blog and practicing affiliate marketing fall under the direct income stream.

But selling your services like consultancy and training you earn money because of the blog hence it falls under the indirect stream of earning.

Having a combination of both streams can optimize your revenue so make sure you strike a balance between the two.

You can even combine multiple income streams to diversify your income.


Guest Blogging

Once your blog got a good DA you can allow guest posting on your blog and you can price it. yes. you heard me right.

The other writers will pay you to write unique content on your blog with your own terms.

Through blogging you get paid from a variety of readers scattered all over the globe, so how do you get that money?

Companies and sites that you are affiliated with send you money through certain services like:

Wire transfer (Your bank)
CoinBase (Crypto payment)

It is recommended you make an account on all of the above sites to aid you in receiving money from so many drastically different places.

These services are all easy and pretty simple to join without a cost.

Freelancers or virtual assistants are also paid through them.

With blogging make sure you don’t maintain a monotonous tone.

Keep tweaking your methods and your content so it keeps the readers glued.

It may be risky but it’s important to experiment.

Sticking to the same ways may bore your audience and you will lose readers.

Reading other bloggers’ posts on matter similar to yours may help in this regard.

Your revenue is dependent on expanding your readers’ base.

Read more: How to Earn money from your blog.


In this day and age, with the luxury of the internet, you can earn money from the comfort of your own home.

Everyone possesses the potential but only a few know how to channel it to have a productive output.

Blogging is a technicality and an art form.

The amount of money you can make is entirely dependent on your skill set, what you can do for certain groups.

It seems like an easy task but in reality, it is a daunting one.

Starting and sustaining a blog is just as much difficult of a task as sustaining a business.

It takes just as much effort, time and commitment if not more.

Your creativity is put to the test.

It seems like an easy task but in reality, it is a daunting one if you wish to stand on your own feet solely on the basis of blogging.

People like Syed Balkhi started out as a freelance blogger, he didn’t make any profits from his blog for a very long time but Balkhi hustled through to emerge as the richest blogger in the world.

It definitely is tricky business to monetize a blog but once you master the balance between passion and the aim of earning through it is when you are truly rewarded.

Finding the right combinations of the tools discussed above is necessary to make the most out of blogging. So happy blogging!

please let me know What other streams of income you get from your blog.


  1. Padma Yuvaraj

    Sir, I’m a blogger in but couldn’t monetise it so far for lack of knowledge regarding it. It would be kind enough on your part , to help me or probably enlighten me on this matter ,so that , I will be in a better position to earn better through my blogging . Requesting you to do the needful with a prompt reply.

    • Dhanush Manoharan

      Thank you Padma yuvaraj for your comment. I hope you are having great time blogging. If you are using a free WordPress plan or personal plan website, your methods of monetization are limited. However, you can download a plugin called jetpack in which you have a section called “EARN”, toggling which will display ads on your blog and help you earn. thanks to wordads. but if you are using the free or personal plan you must meet the eligibility criteria. you must have appropriate content and must have moderate to high traffic.
      there are four more options you can use to monetize your blog. Affiliate marketing, allowing sponsored posts, selling products or services and asking donations. My kind advice to you is to post at least 20+ posts in your blog before monetizing your blog. Use at least 600+ words for each article. Or you can upgrade your plan to premium. Hope this clarifies your question. If you have more questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Happy blogging.

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